Sunday, November 19, 2006

Progress Update 19/11/06

After a slow start work at the house does seem to be progressing again. The builders have fenced off the access to the property (& to our neighbour's which I don't think he'll be very pleased about) and there is a pile of building materials outside the house. They have also removed most of the windows & shutters, removed the timber & concrete floor on one side of the ground floor, removed a partition wall on the ground floor and starting creating holes around the perimeter of the first floor to key in the metal reinforcing rods before the new concrete floor is poured. If work continues at this pace we may not be as far behind schedule as we feared. The builder has also requested plans showing locations of water, waste, electrics etc so he's obviously anticipating things continuing to move forward fairly quickly. We'lll keep our fingers crossed and will keep you posted with any progress!


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