Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Weekend in Como

Last weekend we went up to Lake Como for a couple of days. One of the benefits to our location in Italy is the fact that we can get to so many places within 2 or 3 hours drive, Lake Como being one of them. We had a lovely weekend although the weather was a little overcast so the views of the lake weren’t as good as they could have been.

We joined the masses of Italians who were out to see & be seen strolling round the shops on Saturday afternoon. I hasten to add we were only window shopping although the same couldn’t be said for everyone else who seemed to be laden down with bags from all the designer boutiques. In the evening we headed for a bar for aperitivi & the buffet that accompanies them, in the end we decided to skip dinner as the buffet was more than enough. After a stroll up the lake on Sunday morning we caught the ferry back to Como where we joined the locals eating barbequed food & drinking wine in plastic cups in the square. That evening, after another stroll round the old town, we went for a lovely meal. We’ll definitely have to try and go back in the better weather as I’m sure there’s a lot more to see around the lake.


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