Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Piccolo Rustico

We have now moved into the little rustico (stone house) between Cortemilia & Cravanzana, which we hope will be our home for the next few months until our own house is habitable. It is very compact & cosy and has everything we need including herbs on the window sill & a tomato plant outside the door, what more could we ask for.

Stefano, Isabella & family have been very friendly & welcoming, we’ve already been for a pizza with them and they’ve brought us one of their delicious torta di nocciola produced at the cascina using their own hazlenuts.
The cats have also had their first taste of freedom today, their first in over a month. We decided it was time they went out & met the resident children & animals, their early enthusiasm was dampened by an encounter with one of the dogs & one of the cats so they aren’t straying too far at the moment although Cleo seems to be enjoying sunning herself on the balcony.


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