Monday, September 18, 2006

What's for tea tonight?!

We'd just settled down last night for a relaxing Sunday evening watching a film when there was a knock on the door. Stefano & the girls were outside with a couple of chickens he'd just been out and shot! He offered one of the chickens to us which Andy decided to accept and there began our exciting Sunday evening! Needless to say the only chicken either of us had previously experienced was the kind in a nicely presented pack on the shelf in the supermarket, one that was still warm & complete with head, legs, feathers etc was definitely something new! We decided to evacuate the chicken to the balcony while we formulated a plan, thank heavens for the internet is all I can say! We found a couple of sites that gave hints & tips on plucking & dealing with chickens so we read the instructions and set too. Not the most pleasant experience in the world, particularly when I'd planned an evening of TV in my pyjamas, but I guess this is what we signed up to when we moved to Italy! We were both very impressed with our handywork by the end of the evening & I am looking forward to our little chicken with thyme, lemon & garlic butter which we are having for tea tonight.


Blogger Sam Mortimer said...

Hi Jo! Just a quick note to let you know that your recipe for tiramisu was a big hit at a meal I made for some friends. Not exactly relevant to skinning a chicken, but hey... Sophie says to say 'miaow.' Love from Sam and Bhairavi

9:20 PM  

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