Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Picnic

On Easter Monday we were invited to join the Barroero family (the people who own the rustico where we are staying) for a walk and a picnic. By the time we set off our party included 11 adults, 8 children, 2 dogs, a horse, a pickaxe & shovel and a lot of food! We walked down to the River Belbo where we set up camp for our picnic. Our picnic, prepared at short notice, looked very poor in comparison to everyone elses, fortunately we were offered a share of the locally produced whole salamis, cheeses and wines! After lunch, those who were still able, set to work building stepping stones across the river for the children then exploring over on the other side. After everyone was suitable recovered from lunch we clambered back up the hill and went back to Isabella & Stefano's for coffee, Easter egg and grappa.


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