Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe how quickly the last year has passed, Matteo will be 1 year old on Friday! He is turning into a real character & is into everything. He has been enjoying opening kitchen cupboards for several weeks now & emptying the contents onto the floor but yesterday he discovered he could also open the fridge door & as I write he is contemplating whether to remove something from the fridge or play with the sprouts he has strewn across the kitchen floor! We are still waiting for his first tooth to arrive and although he stands on his own and will walk holding our hands we are still waiting for his first step on his own. His favourite word is 'cracker' which he shouts repeatedly at crackers, bread, biscuits or anything similar! He is looking forward to opening his pressies on Friday & tucking into his chocolate & smartie birthday cake (well maybe just a small piece!)


Blogger Bhairavi said...

Hey! Kaya got her first tooth when she was fourteen months old. It's reassuring to know that we're not alone! Bhairavi

9:54 PM  

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