Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Progress Update (December 2008)

Work on the house has been progressing quite well over the last couple of months. The plumbing & electrical work is almost finished, we are waiting for one final visit from the plumber/electrician and then we hope everything will be more or less complete. The kitchen worktop was finally delivered after months of waiting & the kitchen is looking really good now, we are just waiting for a couple of appliances that are on order then it should be finished. The railings for the balconies & stairs were delivered a few weeks ago & Andy has managed to get them installed & they look lovely. Andy has just constructed & fitted our first internal door which is a real novelty for Matteo, he doesn't know what doors are! As we are having visitors for christmas this year the pressure has been on to get the apartments into a habitable state so we have employed some friends of friends who were looking for a bit of work to help us finish a couple of jobs in the apartments & do a bit of painting for us so the apartments are looking a lot better (although still far from finished!). We still have plenty to do in both the house and apartments and when the weather improves we must start on landscaping outside.


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